1900 Doctor's Carriage
This 1900 Doctor's carriage was designed for maximum mobility for one person. It was pulled by one horse and has large, high, narrow wheels to take the very light carriage anywhere, under any conditions. There is a space under the seat and in back for Doctor's bag. A carriage like this was easier on both the doctor and his horse. The doctor might not be in the first flush of youth and appreciated the shade while it is actually easier for the horse to pull the light carriage rather than have the human on his back.

The piece protecting the driver's legs from flying mud is called the dashboard. We still use this phrase today in the most modern of automobiles, though it now has has entirely different function.
Tall, thin wheels, enabled this light weight one horse doctor's carriage built in 1900 to cross the toughest terrain. It only had minimal carrying capacity, however.
1900 Doctor's Carriage.
1900 Doctor's Carriage.
High, thin wheels and highly articulated axles make this a go anywhere carriage, to enable the doctor to reach his patient no matter the conditions.
The wheels are widely set on this 1900 Doctor's carriage
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