1903 Studebaker Carriage
This 1903 Studebaker carriage was suitable for both town and country use. It was pulled by two horses. It carried four persons, but only those in the back had any shade, which had a flap in the rear which could be rolled up or the whole thing lowered. This particular carriage was owned by the Ball family in San Antonio and used to be housed at the carriage house at the rear of their home which can now be found at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

Studebaker won first prize in it's class at the St. Louis World's Fair with this style of carriage. It marks the zenith of horse carriage development, with its plush seats and sophisticated springs and undercarriage. While Studebaker continued to build horse carriages until the early 1920s, they also entered the automobile business in 1904.
The 1903 Studebaker carriage at TTM in the early 1980's.
1903 Studebaker Carriage.
1903 Studebaker carriage, April 2018.
1903 Studebaker carriage, April 2018.
Studebaker carriages were expensive, the "Cadillacs" of their day. The 1903 Studebaker carriage won prizes for its comfort and style.
1903 Studebaker carriage with a 1925 Ford Model T open touring car, April 2018.
1903 Studebaker carriage on display at CarFest San Antonio 2018.
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