San Antonio Transportation History Books
"The Railroads of San Antonio and South Central Texas"
by Hugh Hemphill, Texas Transportation Museum Manager
"Railroads of San Antonio and South Central Texas," published in 2006, details the arrival and impact of the nine original independent railroads that served San Antonio and South Central Texas and the many colorful individuals that created and ran them. It also details the many towns and cities that were created by the railroads, the routes they followed, the people who used them and the economic transformation that followed their arrival. The book also shows that the railroads are still a significant part not only of the region's current economy but its future as well.
"San Antonio On Wheels"
by Hugh Hemphill, Texas Transportation Museum Manager

"San Antonio on Wheels," published in 2009, details the development of road transportation in and around San Antonio, including rail streetcars, bicycles, the first automobiles and dealerships, plus the history of buses, trucks, police cars, ambulances and fire equipment. The book highlights the contributions of many individuals who transformed the once rough and ready frontier city into the modern city we know today. It is richly illustrated with never before published pictures, maps and period adverts.
Red McCombs with Hugh Hemphill in 2011
Mr. McCombs wrote the foreword to "San Antonio On Wheels"

Where to find the books

The books are available at the Texas Transportation Museum Gift Sho, Amazon and most San Antonio book stores.
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